Aluminum Fishing Boats.

Aluminum boats are becoming very popular. Manufacturers like Ranger and Tracker make high tech machines that are great for fishing

Boat Responsibly

According to the Maryland Natural Resources Police, Saturday is the day of the week when most boating accidents occur.A vehicle capable of reaching speeds up to 50 mph, has no brakes and requires no special license to operate? As ridiculous as that may sound, there are thousands of them out there in the hands of recreational boaters up and down the waterways surrounding Southern Maryland.

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St Croix Mojo Flyrod

Lobs Large Bugs – Feeds Bass in their Faces St. Croix steps outside the everyday bass cast and adds new Mojo Bass Fly miniseries.Bass catching is a pastime of continuously making precision casts. If you’re unable to place your offering where “X” marks the spot every time, all you’re doing is bass fishing

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Old Town Loon Angler Kayak

Old Town® introduces the new, advanced and comfortable Loon Angler™ kayak

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Penn Clash Spinning Reel

Advanced Technology Creates Smoothest Spinning Reels
PENN uses CNC machinery to create precision gears<

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The Camera – Sonar Connection

Pixel fish or live fish? The power to view vivid underwater video right on your boat’s sonar is. Click, watch and learn a whole new way to find fish and discover the underwater universe

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Fish with the Confidence of a “Local

Bass pro Doug Vahrenberg demonstrates the big payoff of running Humminbird SmartStrike on his ONIX unit .Humminbird® SmartStrike™ Helps Anglers Find & Pattern Fish Faster

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Upgrading your aluminum boat

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Trouble with Ethanol

Will New Regulations Mean More Costly Problems for Boaters?


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Salt Life Tees

Shop Men's Tees! Let everyone know that you know how to have fun! Pick your favorite fish out of our large selection of salt and fresh water fish tees!.




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